Answers !

Some useful information's !

Who are You ?

--> We are an online clothing store.

Where are Your products made ?

--> All products are being produced in Europe.

Do You ship to ... ?

--> We ship to every country in the World ;)

How can I pay ?

--> There are two ways: PayPal and Credit Card.

How long takes shipping ?

--> It depend on the country, in Europe it is about 3-5 days.

Do You ship right away ?

--> All of our product are in stock, unless it has been said differently, if it was not - we ship within 24 hours.

Do You do custom orders ?

--> Yes, we do.

Do You have more sizes ?

--> Yes, we do other sizes (bigger and smaller) if there is a need ;)

Why you don't answer ?

--> We answer every e-mail we receive, if You haven't receive our reply, check Your Spam/Trash folder, please

Are Your products for men or women ?

--> All products are Unisex - perfect for both.

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